Schwartz NDT

Schwartz Non Destructive Testing Sàrl is a family business based in Valais, Switzerland. We do whatever is in our power to help you out with the NDT of your metal components, constructions and infrastructures. To do so, we rely on our team of experts, who are specialised in a wide range of techniques, in order to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our goal is safety, so we will always do our best to find solutions that suit you. Beyond the execution of inspections, Schwartz NDT also specialises in the sale of non-destructive testing equipment, ultrasonic flaw detectors, transducers, calibration blocks, PAUT TOFD equipment, consumables, vacuum boxes and rail inspection equipment.

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Phased Array (PAUT) Inspection


Non destructive testing is a technique used to test and analyse different materials. With NDT, the properties, structure and component of materials can easily be established. The main use at Schwartz NDT is the evaluation of welds: we make sure that if there are any discontinuities in the metal, the equipment can still be used safely.

As the name suggests, non destructive testing allows an examination to be carried out without having to destroy or dismantle the part to be examined. This is very practical for large infrastructures such as bridges, dams, penstocks, rails, attractions etc.

In addition, we have the advantage of being specialised in rope access work, which allows us to easily access these sometimes hard-to-reach structures.

Rope Access

How does it work?

There are many ways to carry out non destructive testing. The technique we choose to use will depend on what we are examining and the customer’s request: phased array (PAUT), time of flight diffraction (TOFD), vacuum box, ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), penetrant inspection (PT), visual inspection (VT), or ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurements)

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